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servitude through god


 A Christ-centered business specializing in stainless process systems, fabrication and nationwide installations, est. in 2002 (originally established as Begert Welding & Repair in 2000.) BSI’s promise is to provide “Unsurpassing Quality Installations of Stainless Process Systems and Custom Fabrication”. BSI is passionate about the industries we serve and is focused on customer needs and providing tailored solutions.

As Christian business representatives, we continually strive to steward BSI with the utmost integrity, focusing on Eternal Standards to the benefit of; GOD ABOVE ALL, our amazing Team members and their families, our customers, our vendors, our neighbors, their neighbors, you, your neighbors - ALL in service to bring honor and glory to the name of Jesus Christ and to see His Message sweep across all the nations in the most explosive and radically effective way ever known to exist on this temporary planet we currently call home.

We are in the business of building relationships first and with that we take the word TRUST to the core of our Leadership Team. We have determined that trust must always exist within every decision that we make. BSI defines trust as:


We are and work best with those who are:
Humble ~ Hungry ~ Smart


We Abide by our Core Values:
Integrity • Honesty • Perseverance • Loyalty • Respect



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Custom Fabrication

At BSI, we specialize in custom fabrication of stainless steel products tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you from start to finish to ensure your project is a success.

Installation Services

In addition to custom fabrication, we also offer installation and service for a variety of applications in numerous industries. Our team is highly trained and experienced, ensuring a flawless installation and service every time.

Repairs and Maintenance

We understand that accidents happen and things can go wrong. That's why we also offer repairs and maintenance services to keep your  products looking and functioning like new.

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