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Our team paired with our state of the art facility is capable of consistently manufacturing custom stainless steel products that will exceed your expectations every time! We don't just manufacture products, we produce art. The standards we set for our products and the experts who manufacture them are high... very high. We like knowing that when your order is delivered to you, you won’t be able to keep yourself from smiling!





  • Waterjet and CNC Pipe/Tube plasma cutting within 1/1000” accuracy

  • Full engineering capabilities including 3D modeling with AutoCAD & Inventor

  • Stainless platforms, decking systems, railing and stairs

  • Flow panels

  • Utility Piping, Jacketed Piping, Prefab Piping

  • Signage

  • Trolly Systems

  • Specialty fittings

  • Single wall tanks and vessels up to 12,000 gallons*

  • Jacketed/Insulated tanks and vessels up to 6,000 gallons*

  • Sanitary Process & Industrial Tanks

  • CIP/COP tanks

  • Brew tanks

  • Fermenters

  • Agitation and mixing tanks, including side scrape and bottom mount

  • ASME Tanks and Vessels

  • Food/Beverage

  • Dairy

  • Craft Brewing

  • Pharmecutical

  • Industrial

  • Paper and Pulp

  • Oil and Gas

  • Power Generation

  • Renewable Energy

  • Aerospace

  • Stadiums, Theme Parks and Commercial Buildings

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