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Meet The Team

Founder & CSO 

Scott Begert

  • Develops and implements long-term business plans.

  • Oversees all company operations and financial performance.

  • Builds and manages relationships with key stakeholders.

  • Leads the executive team and sets the company culture.

  • Makes high-level strategic decisions about investments, mergers, and acquisitions.

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Project Manager

Marc Smazal

  • Develops project plans and schedules.

  • Identifies and manages project risks.

  • Tracks project progress and makes adjustments as needed.

  • Communicates effectively with stakeholders.

  • Ensures the quality of project deliverables.

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Brice Tulpan

  • Review blueprints, specifications, and project documentation.

  • Identify materials, labor, equipment, and other resources required.

  • Estimate quantities and costs associated with each element.

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Special Projects Coordinator

Jeremy Weinfurtner

  • Schedule service appointments with technicians, considering their availability and expertise.

  • Communicate schedule updates and confirm appointments with customers.

  • Manage the service calendar and ensure efficient resource allocation.

  • Implement/Manage special projects for Business Development/Efficiency.

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Cerene Eddo

  • Create budgets, analyze financial statements, maintain KPIs. 

  • Management of Accountants, HR and Admin. Assistants 

  • Verification of Audits and Regulatory Requirements.

  • Compile raw data from the Accounting Department for Weekly Financial Reviews/Projections.

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Eli Solt

  • Analyzes technical requirements.

  • Designs and develops new products and systems.

  • Tests and troubleshoots products and systems.

  • Documents technical specifications.

  • Stays up-to-date on the latest technologies.

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Installation Manager

Scott Collins

  • Develops and implements Installation policies and Procedures.

  • Manages Installation schedules and associates.

  • Monitors quality of Installation projects.

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Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Howard

  • Records financial transactions.

  • Reconciles bank statements.

  • Prepares financial reports for the Controller.

  • Ensures compliance with tax regulations.

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